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Haiku Oka Course v1.0 (Updated 16/12/2023)

Haiku Oka Course is now available exclusively via Patreon!

Haiku Oka Course ('Haiku' being a form of poetry and 'Oka' meaning hill in Japanese) is the second in the 'Haiku' series inspired by real Japanese tracks!
Check out my Patreon for the latest previews and exclusive content!



• 1.5km length

• 32 Pits

• Track cameras for replays

• Grass FX

• Rain FX

• Lighting FX

• Custom models

• And more!

Feel free to give feedback or report bugs or for any other comments by contacting me

on Discord: DrZepto#3795


Or by joining the Discord community:

Requires a copy of Assetto Corsa PC to play:


Also required:

CSP 0.1.79+ (0.1.80+ for RainFX and other improvements)




Natural Mod Filter

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